Lazy way

to earn.

With Poundwise, maximize your idle capital by investing it in the safest possible instrument - good 'ol government securities. 0%* risk. Upto 7%* upside.

Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money
Laziest way to make money

Multiply your money with Poundwise's hassle-free investment in government-backed bonds and securities in India.

Who knew being lazy would pay.

Lazy has never been so profitable! With our hassle-free platform, deploy your capital in minutes, sit back and be lazy, watch it grow, and liquidate anytime you want.  

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Get more ZZZ's &

₹₹₹ with no effort


For funded startups that have raised significant capital

Protect your capital from unforeseen events and watch it grow with Poundwise - the safest investment instrument for your idle capital.


Highly profitable companies that have an infinite runway

Park your profits with Poundwise and generate attractive returns while you plan how to reinvest them back into your business.


For companies of all sizes

Don't let your cash pile sit idle in low ROI or high-risk instruments. Invest with Poundwise and keep the risk low while earning attractive returns.

It’s easy

as cake

Setup and get started in less that 10 minutes.

With Poundwise, signing up and investing your idle capital is a breeze. Our hassle-free online platform makes it easy to deploy your capital in just 10 minutes, so you can focus on running your business while we take care of your maximizing your idle capital.

We Invest your capital in T-Bills and G-Secs.

We invest your capital in the safest possible instrument - treasury bills and government securities - so you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. With returns of up to 7%, Poundwise offers a safe and reliable way to generate additional income for your business.

Keep counting the moolah!

Watch your idle capital grow with Poundwise - no effort required! You can track your returns in real-time and liquidate your investment anytime you need to. With Poundwise, you'll always know exactly how much your money is worth.

What will you do with all that moolah?

Employee perks
I <3 You

Reward my hardworking team with benefits that show that I care.

Team and talent
Mo' money mo people

Expand my team without sacrificing my capital.

Tools and hardware
What's your stack?

Invest in the tools that will take my business to the next level.

Marketing campaigns
It's all about the CAC

Boost my brand awareness and attract more customers.

Team outings & events:
Disneyland anyone?

Keep my team motivated & engaged with fun team-building activities.

Office upgrade
Graffiti + PS5 + Nespresso.

Create a comfortable and inspiring workspace for my team to thrive.

Who doesn't love 'em?

Reward incredible customers. Money no object when we have loyalty.

Why rely on Poundwise

Tailor made for risk-averse capital multiplication

Poundwise is the perfect solution for those who want to multiply their idle capital while keeping it safe. Our investment strategy is focused on treasury bills and government securities, the safest investment instruments available, ensuring your capital is secure while generating returns of up to 7%.

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Extend your runway

The additional returns earned through Poundwise will help extend the runway for your startup or business by deploying your idle capital in a smart, reliable way.

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Earn money while you sleep

With Poundwise, you can earn money while you sleep, literally! By investing your idle capital in the safest possible instruments, you can sit back, relax, and watch your returns grow without any additional effort required. You can track your returns in real-time, and liquidate your investment anytime you need to.

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Still not convinced?

How does Poundwise manage my capital?
Why are T-bills and G-secs the most secure investment instruments?
Can customers withdraw their capital at any time?
What happens to my capital if Poundwise goes out of business?
Is my fund's safety and ROI tied to Poundwise's performance as a business?
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